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Philosophy of Corporate
Xinya Goal -- Excellent and Prefect
Xinya Faith -- Leading the Times
Xinya Pursue -- Keep on Moving
Xinya Duty -- Serve the Society

Philosophy of Management
Unite as a Whole, Action with Sense of Ownership, Proceed Actively.
Philosophy of Operation
Follow the Market, Guarantee by Quality, Focus on Benefit.
Outlook on Talent
People Oriented, Give Full Scope to the Talents, Complete One Another, Respects Humanity.
Outlook on Science
Focus on Science and Technology, Build Brand as Basis, To Develop the Corporate by Science.
Outlook on Market
Honest and Quality priority, Win-win Cooperation, Act in Time to Take the Opportunity.

Spirit of Enterprise
Truth --- With Rigorous Scientific Attitude to Find and Solve Problems.
Honest --- Be True in Word and Resolute in Deed, Care Commitments, Keep Promise.

Explore --- Aggressive and Innovative, to be Higher and Stronger, Keep Moving.

Responsibility --- Strong Dedication and Sense of Responsibility.
Innovation --- Keep Fresh Minded, Actively Moving Forward.